This Beautiful Farting Video Proves Your Body Is Art (NSFW)

You might not think of farting as a beautiful act, but it can be if you turn it into music. Micky Zilbershtein just proved that with a video appropriately titled "Underwater Flatulence in 120 FPS." You can hear opera singing in the background as a person swims through a sparkly blue ocean. Bubbles visibly emerge from the butt as low, muffled sounds play. Presumably, that's what a fart (or at least an edited version of one) sounds like underwater. The song is Mozart's "Duettino Sull’aria" from the Opera "Marriage of Figaro," Zilbershtein wrote on Vimeo. He describes the piece as "part 1 from a video art project about liberation, freedom, and censorship." Intense stuff. The video's been viewed three million times so far, with comments including "this stinks" and "artsy fartsy." No word yet as to what part 2 is or whether it involves flatulence.

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