You Can Eat All Your Favorite Thanksgiving Dishes On This One Doughnut

Photo: Courtesy of Lori Kettelle.
If you love Thanksgiving food, you probably hate having to wait all year long for that perfect combination of dressing, potato, and gravy. We only have two more days, but even that seems like much too much time. Well, if you'll be in or around Providence, RI in the next two days, you can stop agonizing because PVDonuts has a very special pre-Thanksgiving treat. It's called the Friendsgiving doughnut, and it's loaded with your favorite turkey day dishes. According to PVDonuts owner and head baker Lori Kettelle, besides just Thanksgiving dinner, inspiration for the creation also came from the city of Providence. She wrote in an email: "It might be a small city, but we're fortunate enough to have an incredibly vibrant food scene here. We love making friends with, and working with other local restaurants, as well as artists and vendors, and what a better way to celebrate Thanksgiving than with a doughnut collaboration!" These brioche yeast doughnuts come topped with mashed potatoes, gravy, stuffing, and a cranberry glaze, a.k.a all the classics. It does stray a bit from the usual Thanksgiving main course and instead features fried chicken as it's poultry star. That's because the folks at PVDonuts created this limited editions treat in collaboration with Bucktown, which according to Thrillist is a "fried chicken institution." The best side dishes around paired with world-class fried chicken and everyone's favorite dessert? Say no more, we're taking a trip to Rhode Island.

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