You’ll Never Believe How Many People Are Actually Team Dean

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The 2007 Gilmore Girls finale left Rory single following a breakup with her rich-boy beau Logan. With Rory's love life a blank slate, fans can campion their favorite suitor going into Netflix's upcoming Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life. Shockingly, however, the love interest that most people want to see reunited with Rory is none other than her very first boyfriend, Dean. It's like they don't even know how much he sucks! Yik Yak released an infographic of Rory boyfriend supporters, which reveals just how many people are on Team Dean.
Photo: Yik Yak
I am a card-carrying member of Team Jess, so I may be a little biased here, but I do not understand why people are so enthralled with Rory's first Stars Hollow S.O. It's not that Dean isn't cute (I mean, hello, he's Jared Padalecki), it's just that he's both boring and terrible.

Let's rewind to Rory's high school days. Dean was ridiculously clingy, demanding most of Rory's free time, and then rolling his eyes when she asked him to accompany her to a school dance. He emotionally manipulated her into getting serious (he built her a car, then got mad when she wasn't ready to say "I love you"). Then, when he saw she might be into Jess, Dean dumped her in public, humiliating her instead of talking to her about it like a rational human being. Things didn't get much better into adulthood. Dean hastily wed devoted housewife Lindsay, whom he treated even worse than he did Rory in high school. He then cheated on her with Rory, whom he clearly wasn't over when he said "I do." Rory may have been the woman put on the pedestal in this situation, but it doesn't make what Dean did any less awful. To be fair, both Jess and Logan have their own issues — but Dean? Really? The one guy who couldn't even pretend to connect with Rory on an emotional or intellectual level? Has Dean read a book? Does he have a New York Times subscription? Unfortunately for Team Dean, there's a good chance that he won't be the one who ends up with Rory — according to Alexis Bledel, she and Padalecki only share just one scene together in the revival. At the risk of this Jess 'shipper getting a little too smug about the whole thing... I think that's for the best.

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