The Powerful Reason Iskra Lawrence Stripped Down On The Subway

It can feel terrifying to take that first step toward self-love, regardless of whether or not you reflect societal standards of beauty. In the video above, model Iskra Lawrence strips down to her underwear in the middle of a subway car to show just how exposed one can feel when they declare that they are more than how they look. "I want to make myself vulnerable today so that you can see truly the journey that I've come on with my own body," Lawrence says, right before pulling off her dress. "I'm going to reveal myself to you to prove that we are in control of how we feel about ourselves." She describes her past struggles with body image and how she eventually realized that the media was responsible for a lot of the shame she felt about her appearance. This isn't the first time Lawrence has taken a stand for body positivity, but it's perhaps the most courageous (and public) statement she's made. And it's one we can get behind wholeheartedly — self-acceptance means seeing your whole self, and not just your body. As Lawrence puts it, "Every single one of us has so much value and so much worth that is more than just skin. We are all brothers and sisters, we are all equal. This is just our vessel." Check out the full video above to hear Lawrence's entire message.

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