Lauren Graham Cried Her Way Through The Gilmore Girls Revival

Photo: Saeed Adyani/Netflix.
If you end up crying your way through Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life, don't worry: so did Lauren Graham. In an interview with Vanity Fair, Graham said heading back to Stars Hollow a decade after the Gilmore Girls finale was a tissue-filled experience. While it felt familiar for Graham to play Lorelai, a character she said she felt a "kinship" with, it was also very different. “The biggest difference is all these people are grown-up. There’s still a lot of jokes and light moments, but this time, it has a greater depth,” Graham said of the four 90-minute episodes. “There’s death and sadness and more love and emotion. I cried the whole way through the entire script. I thought it was just beautiful and fitting and what I wanted it to be and hoped for.” Graham said that when the show ended back in 2007 (without creator Amy Sherman-Palladino at the helm because of disagreements over her contract), she felt it wasn't done. "I was left wanting more," Graham said. Most fans felt the same and still may feel that way after watching A Year In The Life. Closure is not something we're likely going to get. Instead, Sherman-Palladino told Vanity Fair that, just like real life, Gilmore Girls will be "messy." But in doing so, Sherman-Palladino left the door open for more episodes in the future — if nothing is resolved, we could pick right back up in Stars Hollow at any time, right? What we do know is Luke and Lorelai are living together in this new series, which should make fans happy. What we also know is Graham loves playing Lorelai, which is another big hint that this may not be the last time we see her as Lorelai on the small screen. "There’s a joy and a wonder in how she approaches everything," Graham said. "She’s always upbeat and I love her sense of humor and the lens through which she sees the world. It’s very uplifting and an energizing part to play. It’s really one of the best written roles.” Gilmore Girls: A Year In Life hits Netflix on November 25.

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