This Is The $1,500 Toaster We Truly Don’t Need

If you've ever been concerned that your toaster didn't have bluetooth capabilities, don't worry — we have the appliance for you. The June Oven is a $1,500 toaster oven that acts as a sous chef. It has a built-in meat thermometer, an HD camera, and a digital scale. And, like most tricked-out innovations, it comes with an iPhone application. All these features allow the oven to recognize food, like a bomb detector detects explosives, or a human detects food. Then, with all its new-fangled gadgetry, it can decide exactly how it wants to cook the food. This might as well be the toaster version of Smart House. (If you'll recall, Smart House did not end well.) According to The Wall Street Journal, which reviewed the appliance, the device can "learn" foods, like, erm, a human can. So for the price of $1,500, or $3,000 once it hits the market, the June Oven is the chef du jour. That is, until it gains consciousness and starts ordering you around. I'm telling you, we've seen the movies! We know how this ends! (With a machine telling YOU how you like your toast, probably.) The June Oven is currently available for pre-order, if you dare. We'll just be over here, weighing and measuring and cooking our food like the barbarians we are.
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