This Video Hilariously Shows How To Have A Drama-Free Thanksgiving

The holidays come with too many stressors to count. Between traveling, family spats, and disappointing food, it's easy to forget that holidays, Thanksgiving in particular, are actually pretty dope. Luckily, comedy site Above Average has come up with a solution: Ditch the other people and throw a Selfsgiving instead. "With Selfsgiving, I get to do exactly what I want to do — just eat," improv performer Jackie Jennings says in the video above. According to the geniuses at Above Average, Selfsgiving is "a full Thanksgiving meal that you eat by yourself, without your family and friends" — presumably, the source of all your stress. And we have to admit — it looks pretty darn pleasant. "'Haven't you had enough wine?' No, Mom, I've never had enough wine," Jennings declares to an empty room, before pouring herself another glass and ending her night with a Real Housewives marathon. Not only does Selfsgiving spare you a ton of drama, it's actually healthy to spend time alone when you can. Of course, the holidays don't always allow for a ton of "me" time, so if you can't do your own Selfsgiving, don't worry — there are plenty of ways to de-stress during the holidays if yours are family-filled.

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