What If Scandal Predicted How Trump Would Win The Election?

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If you’ve already jumped to the obvious conclusion — that Trump is clearly the inspiration behind Hollis Doyle and his bid for president in the latest season of Scandal — I'm asking you to dig deeper. I’m thinking season 2 deeper. You with me?
What if Donald Trump’s new gig is Defiance 2.0? If you'll recall, Olivia Pope, Mellie Grant, Verna Thornton, Cyrus Beene, and Hollis Doyle conspired on an election-rigging operation in the small Ohio town that landed Fitzgerald Grant in the White House.
There aren’t many similarities between Trump and fictional Prez Fitz, other than the fact that they both ran on the Republican ticket, are known to blur the lines of consent (one of my pet peeves about Scandal is that Liv’s protests only seem to turn Fitz on), and lack the common sense necessary to run the coun… Well, I guess they are pretty similar after all. One of them is certainly better looking, we’ll go with that.
But the circumstances surrounding Trump’s shocking win on Tuesday — the fact that Hillary Clinton won the popular vote, yet Trump still secured key swing states in order to defeat her — reminded me of one of television's biggest scandals. Bear with me.

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