This Holiday-Edition Coke Bottle Is Just One More Reason We Wish We Lived In Japan Today

Photo: Courtesy of Coca-Cola.
You may be hearing a lot of, "That's it, I'm moving to Canada", but perhaps we should be setting our sights on Japan, instead. Not only is the country not currently recovering from a nasty presidential race, but the island nation also has cool holiday-edition Coca-Cola. It may sound silly, but right now, we're looking for anything to take our mind off this emotional hangover. Plus, it really is cool. This holiday release isn't a special winter flavor. Instead, what makes it a fun change from traditional Coke is the bottle's label. An Imgur user named guyfromtokyo posted a video yesterday that showed off the label's hidden trick — and it's actually so mesmerizing. Take a look:
According to JapanToday, on Monday, Coca-Cola released the limited-edition Christmas-ribbon bottle nationwide. Last year, it was available in Western Europe, but it looks like this holiday season, it'll only be found in Japan. So maybe we won't move to the other side of the world just for a special soda bottle, but we might be down for a nice long holiday vacation.

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