Queer Women Love This Black Mirror Episode & For Good Reason

Photo Credit: David Dettmann/Netflix.
The third season of Netflix's Black Mirror is amazingly female-centric. If you haven't yet indulged in deeply disturbed utopian world, then I urge you to start now. The latest installment of this modern-Twilight Zone series was released on October 21 with six brand-new stories. One in particular, titled "San Junipero," has stolen the hearts of viewers, particularly queer female watchers, for its romantic, and hopeful happy ending, a rarity on Black Mirror, and for queer characters. In the episode, two women, Kelly (Gugu Mbatha-Raw) and Yorkie (Mackenzie Davis) fall in love at first site while visiting the virtual destination San Junipero where people in the future can sign up to live forever after they die in the pastel-colored 80s beach town. Both Kelly and Yorkie are just "tourists," trying out the town for size and seeing if it's the right place to inhabit for the rest of their days. Once they meet, they fall in love, and realize they could easily spend their lives together. Not to give out any spoilers, but the two find a way to be together, giving us one of the most refreshing fictional love stories of the year. Black Mirror joins Supergirl in getting praise for showing dynamic and joyous relationships between two women. Mbatha-Raw says she couldn't be more excited about the response of her episode. “I’m just so delighted by the response,” she told BuzzFeed News. “It’s really fun, but I like the fact it has that duality of something that’s emotional but also transcends the labeling of society.” And queer women of the internet, and just those who are fans of all types of love stories in general, are loving it. If the internet's overwhelmingly positive reaction to the female character's relationship is an indicator, it's obviously time to end the days of burying gay characters.

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