The Secret Meaning Behind This Westworld Character’s Name

Photo: Courtesy of HBO.
The more we see of Westworld, HBO's mind-expanding new sci-fi Western series, the more we come to understand that everything on the show means something. It's becoming increasingly complex each week — as is the web-wide brainstorm of fans theorizing about what the hell is really going on. And as seemingly minor plot details and utterances take on significance, we've realized that the multiple meanings behind one major character's name are no coincidence.
Dr. Robert Ford (Anthony Hopkins) is the cryptic, cool-mannered mastermind behind the elaborate theme park of Westworld. He is brilliant, stubborn, and ambitious. We don't know too much about his background, save for his contentious relationships with two men in his life.
From a young age, Ford's father told him to stay on the straight-and-narrow track in life; Ford gave his dad the ultimate finger when he went and became the master of his own universe. And then there's Arnold, Ford's onetime partner who helped him start Westworld. Their visions diverged when Arnold became obsessed with the "humanity" of the robots and tried to upend the park. Arnold went on to kill himself...allegedly.
Now let's explore the two most likely — and mind-blowing — meanings behind his name.

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