Grey’s Anatomy Recap: In With The New

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This week on Grey's, there's a new doctor in the hospital, and everyone is freaking out. The Grey's docs hate change almost as much as they hate being told to put down the scalpel. Dr. Eliza Minnick is there to listen to the residents and help them get the education they need from the attendings. Attendings are not pleased, especially when Minnick crashes their surgeries. Webber, as director of the residency program who didn't have a say in the whole process, is particularly pissed.
Elsewhere in the hospital, there's couple drama. Amelia and Owen are fighting over patients because of the residual tension over her non-pregnancy. Amelia is opting to sleep at the hospital every night (being a surgeon does give you some pretty valid excuses for avoidance). After listening to a patient's wife talk about how hard it was to be away from her husband for one night, Amelia decides to come home and come clean, telling Owen she doesn't want a baby. The confession lands her at Meredith's house looking for somewhere to stay the night.
April's on Tinder, and after a disastrous first date, Jackson encourages her to get back out there, looking at her longingly as she goes. Why can't they just be in love again?!
The residents are digging all the experience they're getting under Minnick's rule, but it looks like she might be a little crazy when she purposefully nicks a fragile patient's artery to make sure an intern gets some practice. But when Webber realizes the patient was never really in danger, he apologizes to Bailey for giving her a hard time and says he'll be happy to work with the new doc. Unfortunately, he doesn't realize that if Minnick assumes a permanent position at the hospital, she won't be his co-worker — she'll be replacing him.
Next week on Grey's, is Bailey really heartless enough to fire her mentor?

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