The Real Life Little Girl From Monsters, Inc. Is All Grown Up & Kind Of Awesome

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Insane reveal time: Monsters, Inc. is celebrating its 15th anniversary in 2016. If, like me, you need evidence that so much time has passed, look no further than the Instagram account of the voiceover actress who portrayed Boo in the animated flick. Boo, the child whom Mike and Sully inadvertently kidnap and must return home, is no longer a kid in real-life. In fact, now that she's an adult, she's kind of a badass.

Mary Gibbs is now 20-years-old, and unlike her Monsters, Inc. character, is capable of uttering full sentences. According to her Instagram page, Gibbs is a yoga instructor, aerialist, and climber. The latter two hobbies require a particular level of bravery. (Looks like courage is one thing that she and Boo have in common!)

The famous voice also runs the Tumblr page Boo Grew Up, proving that she hasn't forgotten her Disney-Pixar movie roots. The page discusses everyday events of Gibbs' life, with some longer form posts such as an essay about how yoga "saved" her following a serious back surgery that left her bedridden for two months.

Gibbs celebrated the big anniversary by sharing this throwback photo of herself with co-star John Goodman:

John Goodman and I at the Monsters Inc premiere

A photo posted by Mary Gibbs (@yoga_boo) on

And here's a picture of what Gibbs looks like today:

It's my birthday! Here's to being 20, too young to drink but officially not a teenager 🎈

A photo posted by Mary Gibbs (@yoga_boo) on

You can listen to Gibbs talk about growing up as Boo in the interview below:

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