Luke’s Diner Macarons Are The Gilmore Girls Revival Treats We’ve Been Waiting For

Photo: Everett Collection.
About a month ago, we were the closest we ever thought we'd be to actually drinking coffee at Luke's Diner. All across the country, Gilmore Girls fans lined up to get inside the diner pop-ups, but the dream come true was short-lived since it was just that, a pop-up. Thankfully, there's now another way to enjoy coffee from Luke's, but it's not in liquid form. Instagram-famous baker Meghan Rosko just created macarons that will give you another taste of the Gilmore girls' favorite spot. Admittedly, her adorable treats, which were made in collaboration with Cosmopolitan, are a whole lot fancier than anything Luke would ever serve at his no-nonsense place, but we're sure Rory and Lorelai would go to town on them. Rosko's little cookies are shaped like one of Luke's gigantic mugs of coffee and come adorned with the diner's signature logo. The baker told Cosmo that getting the logo just right was the most important and the hardest part of the process. As with many of her sugary creations, Rosko posted an Instagram video of the macarons being made. Watch below to see the Gilmores' fictional world come to life from the first dollops to the finishing touches.

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