The Host Of The Show Within A Show On AHS Drops Hints About What’s Coming

Photo: Frank Ockenfels/FX
American Horror Story: Roanoke fans said goodbye to Cheyenne Jackson's reality producer, Sidney, after he was disemboweled during the show's seventh episode, but Jackson teases that Sidney's run-in with The Butcher (err, technically, unstable actress Agnes) won't be the only thing that shocks us this season. The actor spoke to Vanity Fair about what's to come on AHS this season, and apparently it'll wow all of us. “It’s American Horror Story! No one is safe. You just never know what’s going to happen. You have to be prepared for anything,” Jackson told Vanity Fair. Could that "anything" be a killer twist ending? Jackson teases: "I’m excited how people will react. Everything will be revealed. I can’t say anything else. I probably shouldn’t say what I have said already." Once again, the American Horror Story team is giving us just enough to theorize like crazy without giving us any specific details as to what's to come. The show revealed in episode 6 that only one character will make it out of their Roanoke nightmare alive — and it's anyone's guess who that person could be. Although it definitely won't be Matt, who got his head smashed in after his wife discovered him hooking up with the undead witch who hangs out in the basement. Jackson's words certainly makes it seem like we're headed for yet another big twist. According to creator Ryan Murphy's interview with E! News, we can't trust original trio Shelby, Matt, and Lee, as their version of what went down in the Roanoke house may not be the real one. Perhaps Jackson's "reveal" has to do with the truth about what happened — in which case, I have so many questions. Did Lee really kill her husband? Was Matt's murder not the first time Shelby lashed out in a violent rage? Will Matt wake up in his hospital bed and realize the whole thing has been a fever dream? Whatever the American Horror Story twist is this season, the season's ability to keep fans on their toes is wildly impressive — almost as impressive as the dozens of brutal ways it kills off its characters. I'm torn between wanting endless episodes and wanting to find out all of the show's secrets ASAP — and that's a good thing. Here's hoping that, whatever the twist is, it's a killer one.

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