Guy Fieri Is Totally Cool With You Dressing Up As Him For Halloween

Photo: Paul Zimmerman/Getty Images.
When you think about it, Guy Fieri is kind of the perfect Halloween costume. The celebrity chef is likable but also pretty silly, and his iconic look is incredibly recognizable and simple to throw together. It's easy to see why everyone from Mario Batali to Chrissy Teigen has taken the costume for a spin. But how does the Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives host feel about so many people borrowing his likeness every year?

It turns out, Guy Fieri's laid back personality isn't just an act he puts on for his shows. Recently, he told People that it doesn't bother him one bit. Not only does Fieri see the costumes on social media, every so often when he's out trick-or-treating with his kids, he actually runs into people who are dressed as him IRL. According to Fieri, his kids usually recognize it first and call the person over to take a picture. He said, "I think it's funny, you know, it's cool. You gotta be able to laugh. You gotta be able to enjoy it." So, if you've always wanted to dress up as this Food Network star but were worried about how it might make him feel, you can rest easy knowing you have his blessing — but you've only got a week to get those frosted tips just right.

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