Some Questions For The Rocky Horror Picture Show Remake

Photo: Courtesy of Fox.
Remakes and reboots are always going to be approached nervously by fans of the original work. But even the midnight-showing crowd shouldn't be disappointed by Fox's take on the 1975 cult classic The Rocky Horror Picture Show. The line-for-line remake doesn't quite capture the magic of the original, but the special does pull off a few notable improvements.
The stars, including Victorious' Victoria Justice (Janet) and Ryan McCartan (Brad) all carry the songs (though Adam Lambert just isn't Meat Loaf). The makeup the cast donned for "Rose Tint My World," one of the strongest numbers of the night, is a fall-2016-appropriate metallic gold. And Laverne Cox is just as impressive as Frank-N-Furter as her fans expected.
Still, the TV movie left me with some burning questions. Questions like, did they cut the implied cannibalism at the dinner scene? Will some of the new choreography make it into future late-night screenings of the OG Rocky Horror? Click through for more meditations on the Rocky Horror reboot.

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