Guy Stays In Flooded Starbucks, Emerges As A Meme

We're willing to bet some cold, hard cash that when this Hong Kong man got out of bed in the morning, he did not do so with the intention of becoming a meme. Some people are clearly courting memehood. We're talking your Rebecca Blacks, your Grumpy Cats, your Damn Daniels. Those people wake up and think, "I hope I go viral or today has been wasted." But Starbucks Uncle is different. Starbucks Uncle is better. Starbucks Uncle is pure content. Here are the facts. Starbucks Uncle is a guy that sat in a Starbucks floodwaters overtook it. Many Hong Kong residents were worried about Super Typhoon Haima earlier this week. Starbucks Uncle was worried about finishing his beverage and reading his newspaper. Here's the original image, which eventually made its way onto the front page of Reddit.
He was even joined by two friends.
Now here are some fresh memes.
We can't wait until he does a Reddit AMA that exposes him as having some really bad opinions about Trayvon Martin. Uma, snort us out.

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