This Skittles & Hot Water Trick Is Beautiful AF (But It’s Also Soup)

Soup is traditionally not a favorite food. Gene Simmons, for example, thinks it's pathetic. But we have to admit that this Skittles soup looks pretty delicious. Some might say, "This isn't soup, this is a trick using hot water and Skittles to produce a rainbow." Well guess what. Unless you think it's coffee (beans & hot water), this is a soup. It's true that Skittles are the beans of candy, but our argument is that since there's a higher food content than drink content in this Skittles stew, that it's soup. If you wanted to tell us it's latte art, we'd listen to that argument, but only long enough to tell you that latte art requires milk. Here's the Skittles soup trick. It's really gorgeous.
Want to do it yourself? This helpful Russian will tell you how. He mainly manages to make a mushroom appear (mushroom Skittles soup, anyone?) but it's still beyond cool. Check it out.

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