We Never Noticed This Mistake In Clueless Before

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Clueless easily ranks as one of my most-watched movies, which is why I'm totally buggin' about this major mistake in the '90s flick. Eagle-eyed fans found a glaring continuity error in Clueless and it will drive you totally crazy once you notice it. As fans know, Cher's last name is Horowitz. However, someone may want to tell Cher's high school that fact, because in the scene in which Cher gives her father Mel her report card, it clearly says that her last name is Cher Hamilton. It's not the only time the Horowitz name was swapped out for Hamilton: Cher's father tosses a piece of mail addressed to Melvin Hamilton.
So what's the reason for this error? The goof could potentially be blamed on the props department, who gave the Horowitz clan a new moniker. It's possible that Cher and her dad had different last names in a previous version of the script, and that these names ended up on a few props that made it to the big screen. However, one person has a different theory as to why we're seeing Hamilton instead of Horowitz. Thought Catalog writer Nico Lang suggests that the name Hamilton was a reference to the 1982 film Fast Times At Ridgemont High, the directorial debut of Clueless writer/director Amy Heckerling. That film starred Jennifer Jason Leigh as Stacy Hamilton, another high school student navigating her teen years. It's possible this Clueless "error" wasn't an error at all, but an homage to another teen movie. Whatever the reason behind Cher's name swap, this is one error that you can't unsee.

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