Women & Celebs Speak Out About Sexual Harassment & The Trump Tape In New Video

It's been over a week, but the world is still feeling the effects of the leaked Access Hollywood tape that captured Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump bragging about kissing and grabbing women without their consent. That's because it touched on an issue that almost all women (unfortunately) are close to, and brushed away the problem of sexual assault in an extremely dangerous way. Filmmaker Liz Garbus released a video in response titled "It's Not Okay," featuring the voices of everyday women as well as prominent female celebrities condemning Trump's words and the people who defend them. The short film intersperses Trump's words with the words of women, contrasting phrases like "I was twelve" with "I moved on her like a bitch." The women go on to explain the moments of sexual harassment and assault that have stuck with them, and reject the notion that there's such a thing as "locker room talk," which was Donald Trump's defense for his statements. "I think people like Donald Trump will never understand the correlation that women understand between words and actions," says actress Amber Tamblyn. "Especially when you're a man in a position of power and you talk that way publicly and you say thos things, you are telling the world, you are telling everyone that it's okay to behave that way." Ine the cases of all the women who spoke out in the video, there was no justice. Their assaulters and harassers walked free because either nobody believed them or there was nothing they could do. The Trump tape was one of many final straws. "We're not gonna take it any more," Amber continued. "Like, for real, we're not." Watch this important video below.

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