Karlie Kloss Is Doing What With Bill Nye?

Bill Nye, the man who taught every '90s kid the three states of matter, is getting his own Netflix show. On it, he'll be joined by a very unlikely correspondent: Karlie Kloss. Kloss has definitely mastered the bow-tie game needed to hang with the coolest of all scientists (sorry, Neil Degrasse Tyson). Though she might seem like an unusual choice for the series, called Bill Nye Saves The World, she's being joined by some other correspondents that don't have science credentials on their résumés.
Fellow cast members Joanna Hausmann and Nazeem Hussain come from comedy backgrounds. They'll be accompanied by Emily Calandrelli, who studied at MIT and is well-versed in all things space, and Derek Muller, a scientist and YouTuber.
Anyone who wants to question Kloss' science street cred should check out her Twitter conversations. The model has been congratulated on her new gig by the official Twitter account of the Albert Einstein Estate.

Bill Nye Saves the World
will premiere on Netflix this spring.

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