These Are The Cheapest & Most Expensive Cities For Buying Groceries In The U.S.

Photographed by Alice Gao.
If you've ever decided to stop eating out and opted for cooking at home in order to save a little money, you know that grocery shopping can rack up quite a bill as well. But groceries actually cost more in some parts of the country than others. WalletHub set out to find which cities in America have the cheapest groceries and which have the most expensive ones. To figure it out, the experts at WalletHub compared grocery prices in 150 of the country's largest cities.

The findings of this study held good news for grocery shoppers in Texas. Four out of the five cities with the most affordable groceries are in the Lone Star State. This includes Laredo, TX, as the number one cheapest city for groceries. The list also includes Brownsville, TX; San Antonio, TX; Knoxville, TN; and Austin, TX.

Just as the cheap-grocery cities are concentrated in Texas, the majority of the most expensive groceries are also found in one state: California. Three of the five most costly cities for groceries are in California, and all of those are located in the Bay Area. They include San Francisco, Fremont, and Oakland. But these Bay Area cities aren't actually the highest on the list. The top two most expensive cities for grocery shoppers are New York and Honolulu. The takeaway? If you're looking to save money and still enjoy some quality home-cooked meals, consider relocating to Texas, and definitely avoid the Bay Area.

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