Nancy Grace Stormed Out Of An Interview For A Very Good Reason

Photo: Noam Galai/Getty Images.
Nancy Grace reportedly "stormed out" of an interview on SiriusXM with Jim Norton and Sam Roberts, as The Wrap reports. The former prosecutor left after hosts Norton and Roberts repeatedly attacked her beliefs, criticized her television show, and accused Grace of "capitalizing on tragedy."

Norton told Grace early in the interview, "I’ve had a problem with you for a long time because I felt like you were capitalizing on tragedies." (Pro tip: This is not a great way to begin an interview.)

Throughout the 12-minute exchange that followed, Grace continually defended her HLN show and her personal point of view. The crux of the argument came when Roberts took Grace to task for her position on the wrestling industry. Grace is a vocal critic of the WWE; she considers herself an advocate for wrestlers, whom she believes are victims in a multibillion dollar industry. Roberts argued that wrestlers don't want her advocacy. After a few minutes of back and forth, Grace seemed flabbergasted by the conversation.

She told Roberts, "I hear you, I respect that, and I am sorry they feel that way. I really don’t know what else you want me to say."

Norton continued to press the issue by targeting Grace's HLN show, to which Grace responded, "You obviously don’t like me. That’s okay. So, I’m okay with my show. I’m okay with representing crime victims... My program is to help solve unsolved homicides and find missing people, which we have done. Now, if you don't like that, and you don't like the way I do it, then don't watch it."

And at that, Grace decided she'd had enough. She declared cheerily, "Oof! I think our time is up!"

Norton called after her, "You can leave if you want — we're not gonna kill ourselves after the interview."

Roberts and Norton didn't seem perturbed that one of their guests felt so uncomfortable that she got up and left. In fact, Roberts celebrated on Twitter. He posted a photo of Grace leaving, asking, "did I say the wrong thing?"
Watch the full exchange, below. It's not pleasant — and it's clear from the outset that Roberts and Norton were looking to take Grace down.

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