This American Horror Story Character Could Be A Real Person

American Horror Story: Roanoke is already seeming like the string that ties all previous seasons of the show together. Now, a redditor has pinpointed a possible link between this season and reality. Lee Miller, user creator111 points out, was a real person that lived on Roanoke Island. Not only that, but she wrote a book about the true story behind the original Roanoke lost colony mystery. Roanoke: Solving the Mystery of the Lost Colony is Miller's 2002 effort that purports to tie the Roanoke Colony disappearance to a shadow plot by people at the highest levels of English government. "Using her consummate skills as an anthropologist and ethnohistorian, Lee Miller casts new light on the previously inexplicable puzzle of Roanoke, unraveling a thrilling web of deceit that can be traced back to the inner circle of Queen Elizabeth's government to finally solve the lasting mystery of the Lost Colony," the book's Amazon description reads. Sounds like a Ryan Murphy show to us. We definitely wouldn't put it past him that he would use Angela Bassett's Lee Miller character to tie this season to reality. After all, the season's subtitle claims that it's true on some level. Here Miller, the author, discusses her book on C-SPAN.

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