Powerful Video Shows What’s Wrong With How We View Our Own Bodies

We often view and speak about ourselves far more critically than we would to other people, and a new video by The Scene called "Best Friends Get Brutally Honest About Their Bodies" proves that. In it, two best friends write down what they dislike about their looks, and then they have to say them out loud to each other. The women visibly struggle as they try to get the words out. One even cries as she tells her friend how unattractive she is. "Wow, I am hurting myself so much all the time," she concludes. "Why do we say things to ourselves that we would never say to (or think about) our best friends?" text at the end asks. "Be a best friend to yourself."
A Dove Real Beauty Campaign video from 2013 proved something similar. A forensic artist sketched women based on their own descriptions of themselves and other people's descriptions of them, and the two sketches were starkly different. Even though it's normal to struggle with body image, it's comforting to know that other people are probably not saying or thinking all the negative things you're saying and thinking about yourself.

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