This Restaurant Serves Food From All Over The World, Courtesy Of Grandmas

There's nothing better than your grandma's cooking...except maybe a bunch of grandmas' cooking all in one restaurant. That's exactly what Enoteca Maria in Staten Island, New York is offering. It's got a rotating staff of grandmothers from around 30 different places including the Czech Republic, Palestine, and Algeria, so customers can experience the warmth of a meal with their families while dining out. Owner Jody Scaravella explained in a Gothamist video that every day, the chefs include an Italian grandmother and one from somewhere else. He started the restaurant a decade ago after losing his own grandma and mother. "Seeing an Italian grandmother in the kitchen cooking was my idea of comfort," he said. He added that he wanted to celebrate diversity and help people carry on their family traditions. "Every time these ladies are in the kitchen cooking, you have hundreds of years of culture coming out of their fingertips." We may have actually just found a reason to go to Staten Island.

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