These Kids Are Raising $20k For A Playground Their Classmate With Cerebral Palsy Can Use

Five-year-old Hannah Cook has a simple desire: to play on her school's playground. But because she has cerebral palsy, which requires her to use leg braces and a walker, she's not able to use all the equipment.

The UN's Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities declares "participation in play" to be a right of all children, but unfortunately, not all playgrounds are set up for kids like Hannah.

Hannah is popular with her classmates at Tobey Elementary in Vicksburg, Michigan, so a group of them asked their principal Mike Barwegen if there was a way to help her. Together, they decided to raise money via GoFundMe to put a ramp, a small slide, and swings she can get onto in the playground, Fox17 reported.

They're going to surprise her with the new additions when she gets back from St. Louis, where she's getting surgery.

The only thing sweeter than this story is the video for the campaign. In it, some of the kids hold signs that spell "playground for all." Others have signs spelling out the school name, listing a value for every letter: "T: Treat others with respect. O: Offer a helping held. B: Be responsible. E: Expect excellence. Y: Yearn to learn."

"Hannah's wish is to be like everybody else," one child explains.

"Please donate to our campaign to make her wish come true," says another.

And people already are: The kids have raised over $16,000 as of October 3.

You can donate via GoFundMe to help create a playground all students can play on.

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