Everything You Need To Know If Your Friends Won't Shut Up About Quantico

Photo: Courtesy of ABC.
Unfortunately there are only so many hours you can spend watching TV in a day. So when pesky items like your job and social life get in the way, you have to make tough decisions about what shows to give up.

Unfortunately, deciding a show like ABC's Quantico didn't make the cut leaves you in the dark when your friends won't shut up about it.

Luckily, all you really need to keep up with the water cooler talk is a quick guide. We've broken down all the major characters and conflicts within the FBI thriller so you can keep up with the conversation.

If you want to skip all the hours it would take to get fully caught up, just start from the beginning. If you're thinking of jumping in to watch season 2, stop after slide 18 to avoid important info about the current season. Either way, you'll be prepared for your office's Monday morning TV chat. Just remember the most important rule of TV talk — no spoilers.

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