Stranger Things May Explore Eleven & Hopper’s Relationship In Season 2

At the end of Stranger Things' first season, Sheriff Hopper leaves a box in the woods containing Eleven's favorite food, Eggos. Fans have been puzzling over what this means for their relationship, and at New York Comic Con, actors Millie Bobby Brown and David Harbour hinted at what's to come in season 2. An audience member asked if Harbour may take on Eleven as a surrogate daughter, but he seemed doubtful. After all, he pointed out, Hopper hasn't been the most loyal to Eleven. "We end season 1 with Hopper actually sort of selling Eleven out, right?" he said. "He doesn’t know that she’s capable of destroying groups of people, but he does kind of give her up to go into the Upside Down to save Will." But Hopper wasn't against the idea: “I will say that there would be a rich emotional arch there for us to explore.”

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According to Vulture, Harbour also explained that we may learn more about what happened to his late daughter. "I just feel like he's truly broken in a way that almost cannot be healed," he said. "In a certain way, he has so much guilt because he’s so used to saving people — used to good guys and bad guys — and finally, he puts himself in a situation where it’s just life." According to Brown, whatever happens, "it’s going to be incredible." That's not much to go on, but we'll have to trust that it's going to be worth the wait. Hopefully, that means season 2 will include her, since the show's creators have yet to confirm if Eleven will be back. Though, the show is looking to cast teens who are willing to cut their hair — perhaps even shave it all off like Brown did.

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