This Is Scott Patterson’s Favorite Gilmore Girls Memory

Photo: Photofest.
The anticipation for the Gilmore Girls revival continues. Today, Netflix released a featurette that reflects on the success of the series, which ran for seven much-beloved seasons from 2000 to 2007. In the clip, the actors returning for the reboot reminisce on their favorite moments from the original series. Scott Patterson, who plays Luke Danes on the show, says that his favorite moment was the very first scene he shot. Not surprisingly, that scene took place in his diner. "The fondest memory I have doing this show is the first scene that I did the very first day I was on set," he says. "And I just thought: this is going to work." That scene was from the pilot, when Lorelai and Luke interact in his diner. "How many cups have you had this morning?" Luke asks Lorelai. "None," she says. (Lies.) "Plus?" "Five. But yours is better!" "You have a problem," Luke tells Lorelai. Ah, that classic Gilmore Girls banter. If that excellent recap didn't satisfy your Gilmore Girls craving, you're in luck: pop-up versions of Luke's Diner will be scattered throughout the country today serving free coffee. Watch the full nostalgia-inducing feature below.

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