Ben Stiller Reveals His Prostate Cancer Diagnosis

Photo: AGF s.r.l./REX/Shutterstock.
Ben Stiller, 50, battled prostate cancer in private — but now the actor is speaking out about his experience to raise awareness.
Stiller spoke about his diagnosis, which he received two years ago, on The Howard Stern Show, according to People. Stiller credited being alive today to a cancer detecting test called Prostate-Specific Antigen (PSA), which involves testing a patient's blood sample.

“If I hadn’t gotten the test, my doctor started giving it to me at 46, I still wouldn’t know,” he said. "I wanted to talk about it because of the test, because I feel like the test saved my life.”
The actor also said he spent an entire summer looking for advice from celebs who had gone through it, like Robert De Niro. Stiller has confirmed he is now cancer free.
He published a blog post about his experience on Medium this morning titled "The Prostate Cancer Test That Saved My Life." Explaining his personal experience with the test, while acknowledging its critics, he wrote, "This is a complicated issue, and an evolving one. But in this imperfect world, I believe the best way to determine a course of action for the most treatable, yet deadly cancer, is to detect it early."


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