This 3-Year-Old Girl Is Our New Favorite Cooking-Show Host

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Ever since the latest season of Ina Garten's cooking show concluded in February, we've been looking for another culinary goddess to worship. Finally, we have a new chef to follow with enthusiasm, and her name is Ava. Though she may lack the years of experience and the detailed directions of the Barefoot Contessa, Ava shows a lot of promise in the kitchen, especially for a three-year-old. Her laid-back attitude reminds us that the most important part of preparing a meal is to have fun. In the first episode of "Cooking With Ava,"the little chef teaches us how to make scrambled eggs, or as she calls them, "strangled eggs." As a three-year-old, her motor skills are still developing, so cracking the eggs proves to be a bit difficult, but she's not discouraged by that. As she sweeps an egg yolk off the kitchen counter into a bowl, Ava informs her viewers, "It doesn't matter if you get shell in there, it's good protein." That's a cheerful way to see it. As she throws the entire second egg in the bowl, Ava says, "Now this can be a little tricky." But, she declares, "With a little practice, you'll get it in the end." As an adult who can barely scramble eggs for herself, I really appreciate her encouragement here. She even introduces a new egg cracking technique. Next time you're struggling with this part of the process, consider using a fork to hammer the egg open, and remember, don't worry about those shells. When Ava's done cooking the eggs, she shows us how truly similar she is to her professional counterparts in the cooking-show industry by sprinkling the eggs with some spices and pointing out that "presentation is important." She's so right. You can check out all of Ava's informative and adorable videos on the RandomRoulette YouTube Channel. With her help, you'll soon perfect your pasta dough, strawberry cupcakes, and positive attitude.

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