Here’s How Ben Affleck Talked To His Kids About Autism

Photo: Karwai Tang/WireImage.
In the upcoming film The Accountant (which hits theaters next Thursday), Ben Affleck plays a character with autism. And, he explains in an interview with People, he's taking advantage of the chance to discuss the disorder with his kids. "I had a conversation with my kids because I was doing the movie," said Affleck. "It gave me a good opportunity to just talk about how all of us are very different. Some of us see the world in very different ways. And [autism is a] condition which makes you different, but can also make you special — and that can be really cool as well." The idea that autism is one of many ways by which people's thinking patterns differ — rather than a disease that must be cured — is often referred to as "neurodiversity." And for many of those who have the condition, that idea has allowed them to feel more empowered and less stigmatized. Gavin O'Connor, the film's director, also said in the interview that he showed The Accountant to several autism-related foundations to make sure Affleck's on-screen portrayal of the disorder was accurate. Considering Hollywood's spotty record when it comes to characters with autism, we're happy to see so much care being taken here.

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