Portland Feminist Bookstore Hates Portlandia

Real feminist Portland bookstore In Other Words has had enough of the fake feminist Portland bookstore portrayed on Portlandia. The sketch in question puts Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein in dresses and long hair and sees them portray an over-the-top pair of proprietors of Women and Women First. Here's an example:
In Other Words does not like this sketch. The store has let Portlandia film in it for six seasons, but not this one. Now, they have a sign in their window, Willamette Week reports. It reads: "Fuck Portlandia! Transmisogyny – Racism – Gentrification – Queer Antagonism – Devaluation of Feminist Discourse." Store representative Mickey Karnage declined to be interviewed by the paper, providing the following statement. "After some consideration and research we've decided to officially tell the Willamette Weekly [sic] to go fuck themselves. Your paper has absolutely zero journalistic professionalism and you are scummy rape apologists. Thanks for the opportunity tho! Have a great night." The store further clarified their position in a lengthy post to their website. In Other Words says that the show doesn't make them money and is harmful to trans people. "The Women and Women First segments that are filmed at In Other Words are trans-antagonistic and trans-misogynist and have only become more offensive as the show goes on," the post reads. "‘LOL Fred Armisen in a wig and a dress’ is a deeply shitty joke whose sole punchline throws trans femmes under the bus by holding up their gender presentation for mockery and ridicule." We've reached out to IFC for comment.

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