Everyone’s Loving This Guy Who Made Pancakes For His Kitten

Leaving your pet in the care of someone else is always a nerve-wracking situation, but if you leave them with Chase Stout, rest assured they're in safe hands. After Stout and his girlfriend Kenzie Jones adopted a kitten named Mr. Wilson, Jones had to go out of town for a few days. She reminded her boyfriend to feed Mr. Wilson, and that was that. Until she got these amazing texts.
"Do you know if Wilson likes chocolate chips in his pancakes," Stout asked, before asking Jones if she'd be mad if he gave him some. Of course, this was a joke. Stout told Buzzfeed that he's "well aware" that animals shouldn't have chocolate. “I wanted to send the question about chocolate chips just so she would get it and be like, ‘Wait what?! He’s making him pancakes?’” That part, however, totally happened. After making some pancakes for himself, Stout decided that Mr. Wilson might also enjoy this breakfast of champions. “I made them just like I did mine, just with smaller dips of batter,” he explained. “Obviously I had a stack of three so my man Wilson had to have a stack of three as well.” While Stout says Wilson lost interest after a few bites, it's possible he opened a real can of worms. Tomorrow morning, Wilson will be demanding french toast, or even worse, breakfast in (Stout and Jones') bed.

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