Wait: Canned Pumpkin Is Actually What?

Smileus/Getty Images
Do NOT come between the internet and its love for fall-inspired pumpkin treats, or everyone will go nuts. Grub Street reports that after some unspecified websites claimed that canned pumpkin, the stuff traditionally used in pumpkin pie, was actually ground-up squash, people totally lost their cool. Are our pumpkin-themed desserts really just squash in disguise? Has everything we've ever loved been a lie? Thankfully, no. Grub Street put this rumor to rest in a simple video. While pumpkin puree may not be made of the perfectly round, plump orange pumpkins we're used to carving and putting on our doorsteps, that doesn't mean it's not genuine. Instead, most canned pumpkin is made using Dickinson Pumpkins, which are a slightly uglier alternative. They do kind of look a little bit more like normal squashes. However, they are still very much pumpkins, and are responsible for the sweet, creamy flavor we've come to love. So, go forth and bake with confidence — and quickly! There's basically only a month of this season left.

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