Why Disney Should Not Make The Lion King A Live Action Movie

Photo: Buena Vista Pictures/Everett Collection.
After deciding to give Cinderella, Beauty and The Beast, The Jungle Book, and possibly Mulan the live action treatment, Disney has announced that yet another movie is in the works, and it's not an obvious choice. They're now working on a live action Lion King film. Which begs the question: How do you make this type of movie from a script consisting entirely of animals? The characters will have to be computer-generated like the ones in The Jungle Book, according to The Hollywood Reporter. So, "live action" is kind of a misnomer. The reasoning behind the project is pretty clear: Since previous Disney re-ups have made money, the company's milking this strategy for all its worth. "The Lion King builds on Disney’s success of reimagining its classics for a contemporary audience with films like Maleficent, Cinderella, and The Jungle Book," Disney's website reads. We're going to draw the line here, though, and say Disney is officially overdoing it with the rebooted films. A few people on Twitter are also skeptical of the idea.
Some are just excited for a new way to experience the Disney classic, though.
From a business standpoint, it does make sense. We wouldn't be surprised if this one does just as well as the others. But man, that scene where Mufasa dies is going to be all the more heartbreaking.

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