How Much Do The Shondaland Actors Really Make?

After months of waiting and countless discussions about what the future holds for our favorite television characters, Shondaland shows are finally back. Tonight at 8 p.m. EST, we'll be able to check back in with Meredith Grey and her colleagues on Grey's Anatomy. Then at 10 p.m. EST, we'll see how the "Keating 5" are handling their third year of law school on How To Get Away With Murder. Unfortunately, the TGIT lineup won't be complete tonight, as Scandal isn't returning until January, but we're still excited to have two of our favorite, badass leading ladies back in our lives.

In honor of the return of two of Shonda Rhimes' most popular shows, Money released a piece detailing how much these talented actors actually make off the Shondaland shows. Money reported that Rhimes' ABC empire has elevated her net worth $60 million. A salary that size seems well-deserved for the woman who has created and produced four highly successful primetime dramas over the past 10 years. But which of the actors on these always-entertaining shows have raked in the most cash over the years?

Let's start with the OG TGIT show, Grey's Anatomy. After 12 years on the air, the stars of this show have surely earned a tidy living, but it might surprise you to know that for a long time Patrick Dempsey was the actor with the highest net worth on the show. Dempsey, who played main character Meredith Grey's husband Derek Shepard until 2015, has a net worth of $60 million. Ellen Pompeo, who plays the lead and show's namesake, is worth $35 million. That gender pay gap is a bitch. According to Money, in 2015, Dempsey earned $12 million on Grey's Anatomy, while Pompeo took home $11.5 million. Now that Doctor Shepard has passed on to TV heaven — RIP — Pompeo is the highest paid actor on Grey's Anatomy. As she should be.

As for Scandal, the paychecks passed out on this set make a lot more sense. Kerry Washington, who plays the political drama's protagonist Olivia Pope, earns $80,000 per episode and has a net worth of $12 million, according to Money. On How To Get Away With Murder, three actors tie for highest net worth. Money reported that Viola Davis, Alfred Enoch, and Liza Weil are each worth $3 million, which makes sense as all of these actors previously held successful roles in movies or on other shows — we still love you, Paris Geller and Dean Thomas.

As Shonda Rhimes' shows continue to be successful, these actors' earnings will most likely grow. For now though, money-wise, Dr. Meredith Grey reigns as queen of Shondaland, besides Shonda herself, of course.

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