I Am Become Hamdog, The Destroyer Of Worlds

Prophecies foretold that one day, a warrior would arise. This warrior would have the power of not just a hamburger, not just a hot dog, but the best of both. The length and tube shape of the hot dog, ideal for even condiment distribution. The meat and force of a hamburger, ideal for being the best meat delivery system going. The prophecies have come true. Behold. Hamdog.
The Hamdog was presented last year to the sharks on Shark Tank Australia. The fools, they didn't realize the power of "bang, there's a party in your mouth."
But inventor Mark Murray, aware of the forces that he now commanded, decided to sell them anyways a year later. He's even secured a patent for his endeavors, which means that you can become a reseller for the low-low price of $10,000. We won't tell you how they're made, because it's simple, and because we don't want to ruin the magic. Just look upon the majesty.

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