I’m The Only Person I Know Who Watches The 100

Photo: Courtesy of The CW.
When I rave about my latest television obsession, I often start with a caveat: "I know it's the worst." My favorite shows are the worst in the same way your messy, kind of self-involved old college roommate is the worst. You love her because you get her; you have history. But you want people to know you know it's not okay to eat pizza off the floor. Just as I want you to know that I know it's not okay to have six love triangles in one season.

The 100
is the rare show I will genuinely try to convert people to. Going into its fourth season, the CW show is lost in the landscape of its own network — not a superhero show like Arrow or The Flash, not an award-winner like Crazy Ex-Girlfriend or Jane the Virgin, and there isn't a sexy vampire in sight. The series is, however, a smart sci-fi thriller that examines what it means to build a better society, how we draw lines between casualties and collateral damage, and what a world with three-headed deer really looks like.
The first season is only 13 episodes long, and they're all on Netflix. It's probably going to be a year until Stranger Things' second season drops. If you still need another reason to start your binge-watch, here are a few more.

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