This Site Lets You Design Your Own LaCroix & It’s Awesome

Ever since we single-handedly created the LaCroix trend (you're welcome), people can't get enough of the flavored seltzer. Although it causes bloating and will surely kill us in some way that we haven't even thought of yet, we love the dang drink. The only thing we wish is that our meme beverage could come in different colors, maybe ones that also correspond to memes? Chicago, New York, and Los Angeles-based creative firm Nelson Cash heard our cries, and created MyLaCroix, a website where you can generate your own can design. They decided on the product after the runaway success of their Stranger Things-title-generator MakeItStranger. "Watching over a million people use it was exhilarating, and it motivated us to do more," they wrote in a blog post. "We’d always wanted to build a LaCroix fan page, but how could we make it interactive for fans? A few drinks in and we had an idea: a LaCroix flavor generator." Here are some of the best. Check out others here.
Tumblr. Maybe like a blackberry soda with a twist of lime for acidity?
Stranger Things. This is a chocolate-cherry soda, because we said so.
Harambe. Banana, moving on.
White Tears. Uncarbonated and salty as hell.
Pumpkin Spice. Self-defining.
Solo Cup. You know how when you were a kid you would like chew on the lip of the Solo cup out of nerves? And it had this weird sort of waxy-adhesive-paper flavor that was sort of chemically but not totally offensive? This is that.

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