Self-Layering “Magic Cake” Is A Dessert Game Changer

We love cake, but it's so time-consuming to make. You have to bake each layer separately and wait for them to cool so you can properly construct your delicious tower. It's not really the work we mind so much as the waiting to be able to dig in to our tasty treat. It's torture. That's where the internet comes to the rescue. Recently, people all over social media have been sharing the answer to this cake waiting problem. It's called "Magic Cake," and it's a recipe from your wildest fantasies. What makes this cake magic is that when you retrieve it from the oven, it will have separated itself into three layers, without any extra work and waiting from you. The best part is that the cake is made with the same standard ingredients found in any non-magical cake — you can even use a mix! Science — not magic — is actually what we have to thank for this easy dessert hack. According to Mashable, the layers self-separate because of the loose batter. The spongy top layer is created by whipped egg whites. The cake is baked at a low temperature, around 300 degrees, which helps the middle layer slowly cook into an airy cake. The base simultaneously transforms into the densest layer, almost resembling a torte. When you cut into the finished product, you'll see three decadent layers. And that means it'll look like you did a lot more work than you actually did, making this a go-to quickie dessert. You can add different ingredients to switch up the flavors, or just keep it simple. That's kind of the point, right?

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