Kylie Jenner’s Post-NYFW Supermarket Run Was Insane

James Devaney/Getty Images.
After spending last week in New York City for Fashion Week, Kylie Jenner finally arrived back home to Hidden Hills, CA yesterday. After time away, a trip to the grocery store is usually in order, especially for someone like Jenner, who loves a well-stocked pantry. According to her Snapchat, Kylie headed straight for the store after paying her pups some much-needed attention. True to form, Jenner posted photos and videos from her supermarket run to her Snapchat story, and it appears she wasn't just there to pick up the essentials. Her grocery cart was filled to the brim with the most fun snacks and delicious junk food you could imagine; we're talking items that older sister Kourtney wouldn't dare touch. As she drops a couple packs of Lunchables Cookie Dunks into the cart, Kylie says, "We are going in right now," and that's truly an apt description of this outing. In addition to the Cookie Dunks, a sort of modern take on Dunkaroos, she also got two types of cookie dough, salami, frozen smoothie mixes, some microwavable snacks from Jimmy Dean, and Häagen-Dazs ice cream bars. Oh, and she also devotes a snap to showcasing her purchase of two different varieties of vanilla ice cream. Her caption for the image of the two pints reads, "If u don't know the difference between the vanilla and the vanilla bean I can't hang w u." We understand the difference, we just don't quite get why she's buying both (she clearly knows which one she prefers). But, if you're a 19-year-old who's worth $11.2 million, this is just what you do. Honestly, we're a bit jealous. Her grocery haul looks like the fixings for the best slumber party in history.
Photo: Via @KylizzleMyNizzl.
Photo: Via @KylizzleMyNizzl.

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