Taco Bell’s New Airheads-Flavored Freeze Is Mysterious

In case your drinks are getting too predictable, Taco Bell announced that it will debut a Mystery Airheads-flavored Freeze on September 15, according to Foodbeast. You remember Airheads, those leathery taffies of years past — sweet and a little too chewy, they resembled an edible slap bracelet? The red ones stained your tongue an obnoxious scarlet, and the blue ones left you looking like you'd just brushed your teeth with a blueberry. The cool kids opted for the white "mystery" Airheads, which wouldn't leave a trace. Colorless obviously equaled mysterious, because if we didn't have garish neon colors to guide us, we had no way of understanding the flavor profiles! On September 15, the adventure begins again, and this time in liquid form. Foodbeast theorized that Taco Bell, in order to preserve the culinary enigma, will swap out flavors of the Airheads-flavored freeze throughout the day. Or maybe the flavor will change from sip to sip — OR different people will taste the Freeze differently? But let's face the facts, in the end, most Airheads just taste like sugar — and we're totally okay with that.

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