Watch Channing Tatum & Simone Biles Freak Out About Meeting

When we say Channing Tatum is statuesque, we meant that he'd be a great medal holder for an Olympian. He proved us correct when he held Simone Biles' Rio medals in an appearance on Ellen. (Men can do anything if they try hard and believe in themselves!) Now, we should say that Channing Tatum is pretty acrobatic himself. You don't get moves like Magic Mike (or, indeed, the XXL variety) without having some serious dancing chops. Then again, Simone Biles is probably the best American gymnast ever. And, according to Channing Tatum, the owner of a seriously strong set of toes. (Watch the video, it all makes sense.) Since it's Ellen, we're treated to a selfie. Although, disappointingly, Tatum isn't able to show off some of his more athletic dancing maneuvers. All in all, this is the meeting of the two greatest users of bodies-in-space since Fred Astaire stepped all over Ginger Rogers' shoes all those decades ago. Watch below.

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