Banana Milk Coffee Is Worth Obsessing Over

Photo: Getty Images.
Say goodbye to pumpkin spice everything and say hello to your new fall obsession: banana milk coffee. J+B Design & Cafe, a Brooklyn coffee shop, started serving the iced coffee creations about a year ago. Eater praises the mix as "milky and somewhat sweet," while J+B's manager, Fumio Tashiro, describes the taste as something similar to a milkshake.
Eater does specify that a banana milk coffee doesn't taste like a banana, but the banana itself balances out the coffee's acidity better than a regular milk-and-cold-brew mix.
According to Eater, "Tashiro blends an entire, very ripe banana with a scant cup of milk and a bit of simple syrup until the texture of the banana is no longer discernible." That final product is poured over a strong cup of New Orleans-style cold brew. And just like that, you have banana milk coffee! If you can't travel to Brooklyn or aren't invested enough to spend $5, you could hack your own version at home. Tashiro admits that he uses a NY-based wholesale brand coffee that's widely available. And Eater notes that a South Korean company called Binggrae "produces a packaged banana flavored milk, as does Denver-based company WhiteWaveFoods." So there you have it — the future of autumn does not have to include pumpkin spice mania. Instead, you can opt for all banana milk everything.

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