This Stranger Things Star Just Opened Up In A Major Way

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
Stranger Things actress Shannon Purser is definitely feeling the love. Given the Barb-mania that's taken the internet by storm, it's safe to say that the actress who plays her has been on the receiving end of some major fan devotion. Purser took to Twitter on Tuesday to send some love back to her fans — and to get "super real" about representations of different body types in Hollywood. "Can I be super real?" she wrote. "Didn't think a girl with my body type could get this far. I'm so thankful and excited. Much love to you all."
Purser's positive message clearly resonated with fans who see her as an inspiration. "I have a similar body type & it made me so happy to see you on Stranger Things," one fan tweeted back. "Keep doing what you do, it's clearly working." "Speaking as a fat girl my whole life, you're so inspiring and perfect I'm so glad non-skinny girls like you are so loved!!!" wrote another. Purser's message highlights the importance of portrayals of the so-called "medium-sized woman" in media. The appreciative, loving responses to her tweet show just how vital it is for people to see themselves represented, and how important it is for us all to continue seeing actresses shattering the stigmas that society places on women — of any size.

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