Does This Photo Mean Max Medina Is Coming Back To Gilmore Girls?

Only three months to go before Gilmore Girls officially returns and fans may finally find out which boyfriend Rory Gilmore will end up with — if any. But a new photo hints at a possible surprising shakeup in the love life of Lorelai Gilmore. As Hello Giggles points out, the Instagram for Netflix UK & Ireland posted a Gilmore-related photo that features a wall of mugs with the names of Lorelai and Rory's exes. There's mugs for Team Dean, Jess, and Logan for Rory and for her mom, there's one for Chris and another for Luke. But like Rory, Lorelai also gets a third mug and it's someone she hasn't seen in awhile: Max Medina. "Decisions, decisions," the caption reads. Indeed. Especially since there's been no real talk about Max returning for the revival.

Decisions, decisions... #GilmoreGirls #Coffee #Mondays

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The list of characters returning for the four-episode run is long and does include many of Lorelai's exes, including Jason "Digger" Stiles. But Scott Cohen, who plays Max, has never been mentioned. Creator Amy Sherman-Palladino actually told Entertainment Weekly that Max didn't make the cut, which makes sense being that Lorelai's ex-fiancé hasn't appeared on the show since season three. “One person I didn’t figure out how to get in was Scott Cohen, whom we love so much. Not that we’re not still thinking about him, but we couldn’t figure out how to get Max in there,” Palladino said back in April. "We had so much story. We left storylines on the cutting room floor before we started.” Now, Sherman-Palladino could be tricking us as a way to keep his appearance a surprise, but more likely, this is a red herring. This photo was posted four weeks ago and has yet to be reposted by the official Gilmore Girls Instagram account, so it's likely in celebration of the original seven seasons, which are now streaming internationally. Besides, what could Max possibly do on his return that could top him sending a thousand yellow daisies to prove he wanted to marry Lorelai? No one wants to see him get his heart broken again.

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