This Walking Dead Character Probably Wasn’t Killed By Negan

Photo: Gene Page/AMC.
Who did Negan kill in those final seconds of The Walking Dead's season six finale? At this point, it's the million dollar question, which somehow hasn't been spoiled in the months since the AMC series left us in the dark, quite literally, listening to the sounds of someone having their skull beaten in. But, while we still don't know who Negan killed, recently, one of the show's stars seemed to reveal who he didn't kill. In an interview with Pop Sugar, Michael Cudlitz, who plays Abraham, talked about his character's the graphic novels. He said that Robert Kirkman, the writer behind the book series, admitted he never liked the way Abraham died in the book. "He always said it was sort of a last-minute decision and that he regretted how he took him out," Cudlitz said, explaining that on the show, Denise suffers the fate that Abraham originally did in the comics: an arrow through the eye. Cudlitz says Denise's death was an "Easter egg" for fans who watch the show and also read the graphic novels. "They know what that death should have been, but there's also nothing lost on the television audience by not knowing that. It was a little gift just for them," Cudlitz said. "Her death spurs on a whole bunch of other stuff, and then the audience knows that Abraham will continue for a while now. Now we get to see what a world with Negan and Abraham both in it will be like." That last line certainly sounds like Cudlitz revealing that Abraham is safe, at least for now, and will be suffering through Negan's reign. Who will be suffering with him? Hopefully that will be revealed when The Walking Dead returns on October 23.

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